Friday, January 7, 2011


Rainbow lacinato at Slow Hand Farm. Adam breaking ground in the background. 

Hello All,
I have created this blog to share what I have done in the world of food...past, present and future.  Please check-in to see what evolves in my world of Northwest grown food.

 My newest creation is the start of my first business.  I am calling it Edible Horizons, hence the title for this blog.  Edible Horizons is a culmination of my work in the realm of agriculture over the past eight years.

Edible Horizons is currently based in the Portland Metropolitan area.  It comprises a vegetable farm project on Sauvie Island in collaboration with Slow Hand Farm and Wild Goose Farm, a nursery project in NE Portland and a small edible landscaping and design endeavor within the city.

Since venturing back into my hometown of Portland in November of 2009, I have continued to grow food, volunteered with the Portland Fruit Tree Project as a Tree Care Team Leader and helped launch Fresh Exchange, a token match program for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) participants at the Buckman Portland Farmers Market.  In addition to volunteering and farming I have managed to pay my bills by working at Garden Fever! ( and by installing and tending to local edible gardens in NE Portland.

I look forward to growing more food with Slow Hand Farm and fully launching Edible Horizons in 2011.  Stay in touch to see what develops. 
I guarantee that you will see good food in your future if you do.

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